Giant Wasp Nest Found In Somerset

Wasp on nestLast year the largest wasp nest ever discovered in the UK was recorded.  Located in a pub in Southampton, measuring 1.8m by 1.5m, these gigantic proportions looked unlikely to be rivaled for quite some time. With the season pretty much over, it looked like there were no competitors for the top spot this year, until now that is…

Alan Avery from the Avery Garden Centre in Taunton first spotted the nest back in April. Located inside the roof insulation of a shed, the wasp nest continued to grow over the coming months. Over this time the nest was home to tens of thousands of wasps, although no one was ever stung. The irony being that the nest was built directly above a shelf full of pesticide products.

Because the nest was partially growing inside the roof insulation the actual size of the nest will never actually be known, but the ‘accessible’ part of the measured approximately 4 ft in length.

While this nest won’t take the title from the team at the Southampton pub, it sounds like it sure would have been a contender had the entire length of the nest been visible.

The 4 foot portion of the nest has now been donated to a local school.

For more information on wasps and to check if there’s a wasp nest in your area please visit UK WaspWatch.

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