Global Handwashing Day – Poo Maps

dv1992005Or How Clean Is Your Mobile Phone?

When I first heard these mentioned I have to admit I did a double take and questioned if I had heard correctly. Poo Maps? As in maps with poo on them (how, why) or maps of poo (err how, why)? Well, the latter is closer to the truth.

October the 15th each year is Global Handwashing Day and this year Initial Washroom Solutions, part of the Rentokil Initial group of companies, is one of the proud co-sponsors. But back to the poo maps. You’re intrigued now aren’t you?

Anyway, along with the normal PR that global initiatives bring, this time a few alternative studies took place. Basically, researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary, University of London traveled the length and breadth of the UK and did some hand swabs to see what kind of bacteria people are unwittingly walking around with.

It appears that washing your hands after you go to the toilet is no longer the first and most obvious thing to do. The findings of the study showed that although 95% of people said they washed their hands with soap where possible, 82% of hands had bacteria on them as did 92% of phones.

Hmm, so if you don’t wash your hands after using the toilet, the bacteria passes from your hands to whatever you end up touching. In this example your mobile phone. Yuk.

Worryingly, 16% of hands and 16% of phones were also found to harbour E. coli which is a bacteria of a faecal origin. Hence the poo maps created for results up and down the UK. So approximately 1 in 6 mobile phones contain bacteria that can be found in poo. So if you are currently sat with or near to 5 other people, which mobile phone is THAT one?

I think the moral of this blog post is very clear: WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER USING THE TOILET.

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