Gordon Ramsay is Every Cockroaches Kitchen Nightmare

I watched a repeat of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA recently and saw the usual disgusting, dirty, mouldy, manky food in a kitchen where the chef’s don’t care and the family/owners are at loggerheads. But I digress…

42_german_cockroach_thumbThis week it was the cockroaches that made me feel physically sick. Instead of preparing and practising a new and tasty menu (each week the process is the same, it’s just a different venue/family/cuisine) they had to: “call the Exterminators in”.  And in drove a J. C. Ehrlich van (a Rentokil acquisition made in the US in 2006). Well, I knew it was J. C. Ehrlich because I recognised the livery – the actual company logo was pixelated out.

Now, was the logo hidden because:

a) J. C. Ehrlich/Rentokil didn’t want to be recognised on prime time television – unlikely
b) the general public’s attitude towards pest control is not always positive – possibly
c) the programme didn’t want to favour one pest control company over another – probably

11_dsc_6411At least the restaurant owner (eventually) realised that he had a serious pest control problem and needed to call in the experts. Not all places do. Some struggle on thinking they can resolve serious pest infestations on a DIY basis, when simply calling a professional pest control company will do the trick to sort out, in this case, their cockroach control.

The technician sprayed the cracks and crevices low down in the kitchen. Standard practice is to leave the area for a minimum of 2 hours, if possible a bit longer, although in the programme they left it overnight and returned the following day. I am presuming they cleaned the kitchen again to make sure all food prep surfaces were insecticide free – but that wasn’t shown. No doubt that would have made for boring television!!

It still never ceases to amaze me how the subject of pest control impacts me at home as well as at work. In life BR (before Rentokil), the closest I ever got to a cockroach was on holiday one summer in Ayia Napa. One found its way into the bathroom and freaked us all out. It was absolutely enormous! Reception gave me a can of DIY bug spray and said “Try using this”. We didn’t – seeing as the instructions weren’t in English so we didn’t know what was in it, how much should be used or how long the room should be ventilated for (ever practical, me). It eventually got evicted via the open window – which we then kept closed when we weren’t in the apartment. It didn’t come back thank goodness.

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