I went from managing my student loan to managing millions

The Rentokil Initial GraduatesThis year Rentokil Initial are recruiting 20 graduates for a three year management training programme which will provide experience across all parts of the business. Graduates will be based in France, Germany, Netherlands, or the UK. Matt da Cunha is currently on the scheme and shares his experience.

I am on the three-year financial management graduate programme, where I am currently in my first placement working as a Finance Analyst for City Link. Coming straight from university last year into the “real world”, I can tell you it has been an exciting, challenging and rewarding transition.

The responsibility you get here as a graduate is great – my first project has landed me the responsibility of reporting between 3-5 million pounds worth of operational costs to the board on a weekly basis. The management information scorecard I send out every Wednesday is a complex process of consolidating multiple data sources from internal City Link sources and external suppliers. For example, City Link use many external companies who provide leasing, fuel and recruitment services enabling the depots to operate.

Matt de Cunha, Rentokil Initial Graduate Programme

It’s my job to filter this data into the scorecard and split it out between the 66 depots to calculate the unit costs for each depot, allowing us to identify good and bad performing depots. Often the data we receive is imperfect and I have to communicate with depot managers across the country to ensure the costs these suppliers are charging their depot are correct.  In a logistics industry where Cost savings is key to market success, this scorecard provides a key operational performance management tool for the Board of Directors each week.

I have to admit, going from a student struggling to manage my student loan to suddenly having the responsibility of managing the reporting of millions of pounds worth of operational costs for a whole company can be daunting to say the least! However, the support has been great – the open culture makes it easy to ask questions, and my line manager and team have so much experience within finance that I am learning from them every day. The attitude towards graduates in this company is fantastic. They really do care about your development.

I was worried that going into finance would mean constant number crunching and processing data, but it has been far from it! No week is the same, always different issues arise and you need to you use your initiative and problem solving skills to make quick decisions.  Mistakes are made, but you learn from them quickly and it’s all part of your development. I can say it has been a great start to working life and I’m looking forward to my next placement.

More information about Rentokil Initial and the Rentokil Initial Graduate Programme can be found here.

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