The Great British Beer Festival meets UKWaspWatch

Kennedy at the bar

Last week the Earls Court Exhibition Centre held the annual Great British Beer Festival. As part of the festival, they run a hat day, which was on Thursday August 4th, so along I went with the UKWaspWatch hat.

The hat is approximately 20 inches tall, and was designed as part of the campaign last year. I hadn’t anticipated just how awkward this would be to wear and the attention it would generate. The afternoon started with a stringent security check as I attempted to walk into the venue. The security team just couldn’t understand why I needed such a big bag, even asking if it was a tent. When they opened the bag and a huge wasp nest hat was revealed they couldn’t help but smirk.

The UKWaspWatch Hat won best hat at the Great British Beer FestivalOnce in the venue I put on the hat, and the camera flashes began. People

really loved it! I circled the venue for about three hours and had hundreds of requests for photos, as well as numerous people asking about UKWaspWatch. Even those who weren’t approaching me could be heard talking about the hat and UKWaspWatch, the hat really was the star of the show!

As part of the day they were running a competition for the best hat, I had stiff competition with last year’s winner returning for a second time running; however the UKWaspWatch hat pulled through and was awarded the title. I was given a trophy, and various other goodies including a t-shirt, set of glasses, book, key ring and pen.

For someone who doesn’t drink beer, I thoroughly enjoyed the festival. While winning definitely contributed to my enjoyment, it was great to see the interest in UKWaspWatch from a variety of people including those you would expect, such as bee keepers and professional gardeners, right through to those you wouldn’t, such as young guys on a stag party.

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