Grub’s Ready at Pestaurant

Chef Denis Clifton at #PestaurantChef Denis Clifton is busy on the barbecue grilling our sweet chilli pigeon burgers. We have 500 delicious sweet chilli, venison and pigeon burgers which we will be giving away free today at the fabulous One New Change shopping center at Cheapside in the City.

Our innovative pop-up pestaurant has only been open for less than an hour but there has already been a keen interest by local workers and shoppers who have been debating whether a cricket, mealybug or a blueberry scorpion lolly would be an alternative breakfast option.

In many parts of the globe, including Thailand, Brazil, China, Ghana and Japan entomophagy (bug eating) is as normal as nibbling on a prawn or a bowl of peanuts, but a far healthier choice. Just 100 grams of sirloin beef contains about 29 grams of protein, not to mention a weighty 21 grams of fat. In comparison 100 grams of grasshopper contains 20 grams of protein and just six grams of fat. Could this be a new diet trend?

Chef Denis comments as he lights the charcoal, “I’ve never cooked a pigeon burger before. Pigeons are more looked upon as vermin and it’s not something you tend to eat. We live in world where we are distanced from our food.”

We hope that Pestaurant will change the perceptions of people’s attitudes to food and raise the awareness of pest prevention. A pest can be defined as an insect or animal that is destructive or presents a hygiene risk.

It’s worth remembering that pests can become a problem for anyone and pests are not choosy when it comes to setting-up home. Even the cleanest properties can become a target, if they can find a way in!

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