Halloween Pest Control Pets

Dog disguised as bee

Happy Hallowe’en everyone! I couldn’t resist sharing these adorable images of pets dressed in Halloween costumes. The sleepy pug dressed as a bee would be sure to create a buzz at a party and I am bats about the dracula dog who doesn’t look as though he would sink his teeth into anything other than a tasty butcher’s bone.

These gorgeous little kittens disguised as a frog or witch would not fool a rodent. Mice fear the smell of cats and are naturally inclined to avoid them at all costs.

Owning a cat or dog can provide your very own on-site pest control.  Cats and dogs are predators and will happily spend hours sitting in front of a mouse or rats nest waiting for their rodent enemy to show

Cat disguised as witchtheir furry face.

When I lived on

Cat disguised as frogDracular dogthe river my cat Meggy, successfully kept the rat population in check. Before we moved in with our gallant rat catching cat the neighbours would regale horror stories of enterprising rats who would swim from the far side of the river bank to pilfer food from the table on the patio. Unsurprisingly, the rat infestation was exaggerated by an indulgent duck feeding practice. When the ducks wait at the back door every morning to be fed, you know you’ve got a problem…

One thing which doesn’t mix well are dogs and ducks. Unsurprisingly no-one on the river had a canine companion. Dogs, particularly terriers, have traditionally been used as rat catchers. Dogs will wait patiently outside a rats nest and pick them off one by one as they emerge. The smaller canine species will wriggle into the rats hole and give them the fright of their life.

I think all of these pets deserve a treat for being such good Halloween sports.

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