Happy Ratcatchers Day!

Well, they say you learn something new every day – and I have to be honest no-one here is planning a party with cake, candles and presents to celebrate the 725th Ratcatchers day today.

pied_piper_with_childrenIt was a colleague that brought this to my attention yesterday, and she found out about it whilst doing a google search for the term rat catcher, since we are oft referred to as the Royal Ratcatcher Rentokil (due to the royal warrant previously held by the company).

Its celebrated (is that the right word?) on the 26th June, and also the 22nd July. Wow how exciting – it seems that just like the HM Queen’s birthday there is an official and an unofficial “day”. Its to commemorate the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin and according to Wikipedia there are two suggested dates because the Brothers Grimm say that on 26 June 1284 the Pied Piper led the children out of the town of Hamelin in Germany, while a poem by Robert Browning gives it as 22 July 1376.

Never heard of the poem if the truth be told, although I have heard about the story. We use modern techniques nowadays to rid rat infestations, I think you and I both know that a magic flute really wouldn’t solve the problem!

No idea what we should be doing to mark the occasion, anyone got any suggestions?

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