Hello National Pest Management Month

Rentokil pest control technician For more than 30 years, April is the month to recognise the magnificent work pest control technician’s across the globe carry out. Pests come in all shapes and sizes and hide in places high and low, but our pest control technicians, fondly known as pesties, aren’t afraid of heights or crawling into tiny spaces. They are at risk from being stung or bitten and won’t run a mile from a wasp nest. They are our hero’s.

I suspect they’re not scared of the common house spider either. Our South African blogger, Daniel wrote a very long list of all the phobia’s you can’t have in pest control including Iophobia – fear of poison and Automysophobia, fear of being dirty – pest control isn’t always a clean job!

More importantly, pest control protects public health and homes from significant pest threats and can save a business a lot of money from damaged stock and potential closure. If a health and safety inspector detects evidence of disease carrying rodents or cockroaches in a food factory or restaurant it can lead to closure, or even worse, a large, gaping hole in their reputation.

Pest technicians must always be on top of their game. They need to know their water vole from their Norwegian rat and tell a wasp from a bee. Some pests are invasive species and some animals are subject to government legislation. Pest control technicians need to pass exams to make sure their knowledge is up to scratch and they comply with the latest Health & Safety, Environmental and Pesticide usage regulations.

If you think you have what it takes to be a pest control technician we are recruiting for a Local technician on the Isle of Wright and a Technician specialising in heat treatment.

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