Hilarious Pest Control Movie: Infestation

Ahhhhhhh!! I'm scared of pests - are you?I watched a movie called: Infestation last night. Made in 2009, I don’t remember it being advertised but what a shame. For any pest controller, bug fan or even bug hater… you gotta watch this. Its so funny! Actually, in retrospect – the write up from Sky didn’t do it justice when my husband set about Sky plus-ing it

It is basically about a bunch of misfits who get woken up by a just-about-to-be-fired office worker (Cooper) after the world gets invaded by massive alien bugs. The opening credits take a while (they are a bit too long if you ask me, but stick with it) and show flashing images of bugs and you hear scuttling-type noises (made me wonder what I’d do if I heard them for real at home) getting you ready for the bugs you would soon see on screen.

Once it gets going you meet the team of heroes: a Shiatsu massage student, the stereotypical white trash blonde (who displays some of the gratuitous nudity required in any similar B type horror/comedy flick), and the main character’s Dad who doesn’t approve of his only son’s choices in life. Also, very handily for later on, the heroic team includes a very beefy deaf guy who is not affected by the high pitched siren noise emitted by the over-sized bugs.

Birthday CakeThe alien bugs do actually look pretty good, and included some cockroaches, flies and spiders type creatures which moved fairly realistically, although the roach feeding tube was definitely a bit dodgy. Those bugs were pretty big though, probably about 5” tall/long – imagine meeting those in real life! Oh and when you spot the human/dog hybrid – I defy you not to laugh. Plus, without giving away too much, the white liquid-icing type goo they ooze when they die is pretty amusing and wouldn’t look amiss on a birthday cake.

Anyway, I think that all in all it was a good movie, it didn’t take itself too seriously, and was just the right length. Enjoy! Watch the trailer here. If anyone has seen it, what did you think? Really bad? Or did you, like me, think it was so bad it was great?

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