Hitchhiking Bed Bugs

Having been commuting to and from here, there and everywhere for the best part of 15 years, I’ve often wondered why and how a tube carriage packed like a crushed tin of sardines could remain so painfully quiet. I mean, you may hear the occasional murmur, or even experience a rare moment of awkward eye contact but seriously! Where did all the joyous convo’s, the humour, the hysterical laughs, the smiles go?

Are there socially unwritten (or more aptly unspoken) rules that I’m not aware of? Is everybody in on the joke but me? It seems we have we simply lost touched with humanity itself and are becoming more concerned with the playlists within our streaming services, catapulting disgruntled animals or plainly staring into oblivion.

Ok I’ve had my rant BUT on a more serious note, you may be interested to know that Bed bugs infestations are becoming increasingly common in places with a constant stream of people, such as tube carriages and buses. Their bites can cause blotches on the skin which, although rarely likely to lead to illness, can cause itchiness and embarrassment to the sufferer.

Bed bugs tend to hitch a ride on clothing and luggage, staff and employees, external contractors, laundry services, neighbouring properties, second hand and vintage furniture but bed bugs are not the easiest of pests to detect.

However, there are some bed bug symptoms which, when found, show that there is an infestation:

  • Live bed bugs (both adults & young nymphs) and cast nymphal skins
  • Small, dark blood spots on sheets and bedding, known as ‘faecal pellets’
  • A distinctive sweet & sickly smell

Bed bugs can be easily eradicated by a heat treatment or pesticides, so if you have spotted any of these bed bug signs then you need to act fast!!! Be sure to break your silence and help us help you.

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