Help! There’s A Hornet In My House

A hornet can measure up to 2 inchesDue to a prolonged winter and wet spring wasp sightings have been few and far between. This has not been the case in my house (which should be designated an area of special scientific interest). I’ve had to eject a number of queen wasps which have overwintered in the eaves and sleepily dropped down onto the carpet.  I was unpleasantly surprised yesterday to be greeted at the breakfast table by this enormous hornet buzzing round the dining room. Measuring almost two inches long hornets can deliver a fierce sting if provoked, and can bite at the same time.

With two young children I wasn’t prepared to take that risk. A quick spritz with Rentokil Fly & Wasp Killer soon silenced the monstrous beast. For decades I’ve employed the more traditional method of wasp control which largely entails climbing on furniture and chasing a wasp around a room with a rolled of piece of newspaper. Wasps seem to be so stupid they can’t find an open window, even if it’s directly in front of them.  Spritzing however is far more energy efficient and I shall apply the same methodology to home fly control.

There are a hundred tiny entrance points for insects to enter my 200 year old home – the drafts are all part of the character and provide good ventilation. Old houses need to breathe, and my property has never suffered from condensation. My immediate concerns are that the hornet might have invited his friends back for tea, or found a cosy corner in the attic to colonise. This weekend I shall be inspecting the loft.

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