How often do you wash your sheets? And be honest!

Wash sheets at hot temperatures to kill bed bugsI stumbled across a study with results that are particularly hideous. But although I was absolutely disgusted, I have to admit that I was also somewhat unsurprised. The study carried out by Sheilas Wheels home insurance, looked at how regularly us Britons are washing our bed linen and the impact this has on pests, specifically bed bugs. The study revealed that one in eight people sleep in bedding that hasn’t been washed for over a month. Unsurprisingly men came out worst, with 1.7 million admitting to the fact that they wait over a month before washing their sheets. The annual bed bug audit revealed the main reasons for not regularly washing bedding were down to lack of time and saving money. With bed bugs continuing to be a growing issue, the fact that Britons are not regularly washing their bed linen is of great concern. A hot wash is enough to kill off any bed bugs and their eggs, so it is important this is regularly done to ensure you slow a potential problem in its tracks.

The study also revealed that one in five people surveyed were more likely than last year to buy second hand furniture, 26% of Brits polled had no idea how bed bugs spread and 25% confirmed that they were unaware of steps they could take to prevent the spread. With the purchasing of second hand furniture one of the most common ways of bringing bed bugs into your home, these results are extremely concerning.

Quite a few studies have come to light lately, painting Britain as a rather dirty nation, including a study released on Global Handwashing Day. It is important we all do our bit to keep our homes clean, hygienic and pest free, even if it is just a matter of asking the men in your life to wash the sheets a little more regularly!

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