How To Keep The Pigeons Away

Pigeon proof your bird houseThis homemade bird table was constructed by my dad from old junk lying around the garage. If you look carefully you’ll spot some string tied around the outside. This is a ‘very high-tec pigeon deflector’.

A pair of greedy pigeons were gobbling the bird seed within minutes of its arrival but a couple of pieces of string has successfully prevented the pigeons from roosting on the table. Pigeons by nature are very territorial and do not like to share food. On the few occasions when the pigeons weren’t eating they were playing sentry by sitting on the bird table and the frightening off the smaller birds. 

Here at Rentokil we employ a more professional manner of wiring and netting to deter birds from landing on a building or window ledge. There’s also a very discreet solution called AviGo which is a non-toxic gel which birds hate to land on. 

But apart from their greedy and territorial personality, pigeons have prolific bowel movements.  Guano can be a health hazard as it is very slippery when wet, and can be a turn off for customers, especially if you own a restaurant or cafe. Pigeon droppings can contain a lot of nasty diseases such as salmonellosis and pseudo-tuberculosis. Their faeces provide an ideal environment for the growth of the organisms causing diseases such as histoplasmosis, aspergillosis, cryptococcis and listeriosis. In short, these are not cultures you want to start breeding in your garden.

Tips to Pigeon Proof Your Bird Table

  • Preventing access to food is a key to dispersing pigeons – ‘gate’ in your bird house so only the little birds can get through!
  • When feeding smaller birds, cage in all food so that pigeons cannot reach it. Maximum effective mesh size will be 2.5 inches. Pigeon-proof feeders are commercially available.
  • Place a bird feeder on a slope – this will REALLY annoy pigeons.
  • Try a diversion tactic – hang food in pigeon proof bird containers in lots of different places in your garden so it’s impossible for a pair of pigeons to dominate all of them.





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