I Might Be Going To Libya For Rentokil

Now that its common knowledge, I can tell you a bit more about working in Libya. I put my name forward to go there and have been doing the prep for it – work wise and personally.

wad_cashWe had an orientation day at the beginning of November and the first people went out there at the beginning of December. It’s exciting. When I told the Mrs, her face dropped but it will make a big difference to our financial situation as I could end up being there about 18 months. It’s what I want to do, not just for the extra money but from a point of moving myself forward. Also, it will be a different situation and I’d come back to my old job with a new outlook.

I think it’s going to be hard in some ways. There will be very different levels of hygiene, culture and even heat out there. Some of the guys will feel the heat and working there will be very different from a 2 week holiday abroad. Although, I don’t know what the living situation may be and there might be a pool which would be cool. It depends how you are with the sun. I can stand it, partly because of my skin type, but also because I’ve lived out there before.

Paradise BeachI think it will be difficult for some people and there will be drop outs. It ain’t going to be a picnic out there, that’s for sure. Anyway, we are there to do a job and enjoy it. We have a long list of dos and don’ts. I think once we have been there for a while we will know what is acceptable, for example what sort of shorts you can get away with wearing and things like that.  I think the list was mainly for our protection.

They also painted the bigger big picture of what we will actually be doing. It seems there are going to be a lot of rats.  By the way they are talking, they are all over the place.  A grid of about 460, 1 kilometre squares splits the areas which we will work in and our goal is to reach targets which will eventually turn each grid from red, through to amber and finally to green.  It’s going to be a very hard working environment and we have now seen pictures of some of the areas and cities we will be working in which vary a lot.

Still no word as to when, or even if, I’m going now which would be a tad disappointing, but it seems like its going well over there but I personally think (hope!) they will end up needing more technicians.

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