I Saw a Rentokil Van Parked…

Rentokil VanThere’s a lot of chatter online about a Rentokil van parked outside a hospital /school /pub / restaurant /hotel, often accompanied by comments of varying degrees of horror. But spotting a Rentokil van outside any of these buildings is actually a GOOD thing. Yes, you read that correctly – it’s a good thing.

The discovery of a “Rentokil Van Parked Outside the School” poem inspired me to write this post.  A Rentokil Initial van is pictured, but I can understand the confusion regarding all of the Rentokil Initial sub-brands (ooh, now that’s a future blog post idea!). Anyway, I would love to know which pest the story is narrated by. I have left a comment asking the author. My money is on a rat!

Now, back to the main theme of this post. Prior to working here I believed (quite wrongly as it turns out) that if a Rentokil van is parked outside any building,  it meant BAD news for both the establishment and me as a customer. I have since learned that quite the reverse is true. (I have ALSO learned: to search out restaurants with high scores on the doors ratings; only enjoy a coffee if there are visible fly control units as I know the food will  have been prepared in a clean environment; and when I go and stay in a hotel I have to check the room for bedbugs. As usual, I digress…)

An experienced pest control technician could be there for one of two reasons:

  1. He could be there as part of his contracted visiting schedule. This is part of our preventative pest control program and involves a thorough check of the site to ensure no activity has occurred between today and his last visit. I say he but there are women that work in pest control too. If any pest activity has taken place then the appropriate pest control treatment will be laid and any repairs recommended, e.g. broken fly screen, holes in brickwork, unruly hedges which need cutting back, etc.
  2. He could be there to solve a problem. Before a pest problem becomes an infestation, our technicians will come and review the situation and recommend a course of action with effective and innovative pest control products.

So next time you see a Rentokil van parked outside your favourite local takeaway, breathe a sigh of relief that they are there at all. I now stop and think of all the other premises that don’t take their pest control responsibilities towards customers seriously. On a final note, a question for you to consider: Where is the strangest place you have seen a Rentokil van?

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