I trialled the Digital Pen on one of our NHS Healthcare contracts

Rentokil Initial Graduate schemeOwen Moulton is employed on the Rentokil Initial graduate scheme and shares his insights from working within the Marketing and Innovation team.

There are many to choose from, but the most exciting project in my role so far would have to be Idea2trial. My main responsibility is managing the ideas and innovations coming into the business across all the different sectors and service lines. One great example is the work I’ve done on the Digital Pen.

The Digital Pen is a digital pen with the ability to record what has been written on a piece of paper. This paper has unique characteristics that enable the pen to read through dots, and allows us to create a digital copy of the document you have written on. I took this through the Idea2trial process – where we take innovations, put them into the business and trial them to understand their qualities. This includes assessing the business case, costs, benefits, safety, and how it impacts the frontline.

I trialled the Digital Pen on one of our NHS Healthcare contracts for patient ordering; this involves being on-site, liaising with the employees, managers and NHS staff, and testing every eventuality to make sure that, if implemented, the product would be a success. Potential use cases for the Digital Pen include patient ordering, route-based businesses that must leave a document behind (like our Initial Fire & Water services), any contracts where we have to fill out forms, and those that require real-time reporting.

Owen Moulton

The trial demonstrated a lot of benefits, eradicating the need for a lot of administration and saving time while offering an improved service. In Initial Fire it returned its investment in one year and provided tens of thousands of pounds in savings in subsequent years.

This project has helped me develop my people skills and data analysis and also taught me the full trial process, allowing me to understand the innovation and how it can impact the business for suppliers, colleagues and NHS staff accordingly. In addition it also offered the opportunity to build a relationship with the supplier and consider where we could apply the Digital Pen elsewhere.

Building rapport and empathising with frontline staff was a real plus for this project, it’s essential to have the team on side when changing how they work, and really increases the chances of success.

This year Rentokil Initial are recruiting 20 graduates for a three year management training programme which will provide experience across all parts of the business. Graduates will be based in France, Germany, Netherlands, or the UK. The closing date for applications is April 12 2013.

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