I Work For Rentokil As A Field Biologist

Hello my name is Colin and I’m the latest Rentokil colleague to join the blog team.

I joined Rentokil five years ago after working in a Health food shop after leaving Uni. My degree has helped me within the job but there is still a lot to learn as I was near enough computer-illiterate when I first joined (sink or swim time!).

I’ve lived in Essex all my life and have a wife and two daughters. Being from Essex I don’t own a Capri, ear ring, my name is not Wayne and I do not say Jamie Oliver-isms like ‘Pukka and Sorted’, well not all the time anyway.

factory_tomatoes_packagingWhat is my role within the company?  I am a Field Biologist. “What’s that then?” – I hear you ask? Contrary to popular belief, we do not stand in rural areas and go yes that’s a field to green patches of land. The FB team consists of 40 individuals throughout the country who carry out inspections in large pharmaceutical and food sites, but there are also numerous other strings to our bow which we carry out.

I hope that my blog postings will give you an insight into the role we play in the service team, you never know it might even be amusing from time to time. I will also be telling you about work stories from other FB’s until they are confident enough to have a go and see their own names, photos and stories on-line.

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