I'm A Celebrity (Pest) Get Me Out Of Here

I'm a celebrity get me out of hereThe latest series of  “I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of here!” (not sure its contravening the trade descriptions act for this years show with that title?!?) is entering the final stages in the Australian outback. Once the cameras and celebrities have disappeared back to there new careers what happens to the ‘critters’ used in the bushtucker trials?

If you’re a cockroach, green ant, mealworm or spider that has survived being eaten, drowned, or squashed by a minor (and I mean minor) celeb what happens next?

Are you released into the jungle to spend the rest of your life tasting freedom or are you one of the unlucky ones that was maybe bred especially for the show and not used thus not getting your fifteen minutes of fame in front of the camera?? Or… is there are a group of hard core pest controllers on the show who will hunt you down and ensure that you do not cause a major infestation.

Some of these pests have no choice in their future careers as opposed to most of these ‘stars’ whose careers have been kick started thanks to a range of pests. To stop a trial they only have to utter those 8 words and its over; for those pests who also have to take part in the trial I bet they wish they could talk and say to Ant (What a very apt name) & Dec: “‘I’m a pest get me out of here!!!!”

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