Invasion of Liprilfrast mosquitoes

During a visit to South Africa today we discovered that Rentokil Botswana is gearing up to protect a nation from its annual invader the insect Liprilfrast. Part of the genus anagramatis, this deadly predator appears annually in early autumn in the Southern hemisphere and lives for one day and feeds on human blood. Scientists in Europe are concerned that global warming will result ultimately in this deadly pest migrating north.

Liprilfrast is an amazing organism, or to some a biological freak of nature, in as much as it is a cross between cimex lectularius (the bed bug) and the African Killer Bee and therein lies the deadly problem; this pest not only feeds aggressively on humans but also has the ability to fly from host to host and give a nasty sting if the host should try and resist which in turn can cause anaphylaxis in children and small mammals and lead to their rapid death.

What is even more amazing is that Liprilfrast lives in large hives and produces in its single day of life the most magnificent honey. Depending on when it has last fed a remarkable range of tastes can be produced ranging from fragrant juniper berries to the taste of a highly sweetened black pudding. As the insect only survives for one day (April 1st), then this nectar can sell for as much as 150,000 South African Rand (about £10,000) per ounce; this reflects the danger of harvesting it as up to 5 bee keepers on average die each year in their attempt to land their annual fees.

Rentokil, the Experts in Pest Control, recommend protecting yourself with a rolled up newspaper – preferably the Financial Times as pink is invisible to the Liprilfrast species.

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