Is Pest Control A Science Or An Art?

is pest control science or artWell, most would say science, but I have reason to believe pest control is becoming more and more a fringe art movement…..

Why I hear you ask. Well, what with:

  • Fairy tales about rats from the Brothers Grimm,
  • Hip hop perfomances in London over Christmas about the same,
  • A suggestion that there are certain books you may be inadvertantly scaring your kids with (not pest related as such, but there was a tenuous Brothers Grimm link so I thought I’d mention this site I saw yesterday),
  • The recent Pestival in London (am still a little narked they got there first with the word Pestival but I’ll stop griping about it) – a lifesize yet artifical termite mound on the South Bank is not something you see every day, 
  • Up close and personal images of ants
  • An (albeit several years old) play/novel about an exterminator (American expression) whose identitiy is mistaken for that of an assassin,
  • All manner of coffee table books about bugs hitting the high street,

you’d be wrong in thinking all people hate bugs and creepy crawlies.

So for those of you not directly involved with pest control like me, do you think pest control is: art or science, literature or administrative paperwork, friend or foe? To coin a well know phrase… you decide!

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