Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

Enjoy the outdoors We all dread the thought of having damp in the home, but did you know Autumn is the most critical time of the year for water getting into your home and causing damp problems? The darker nights coupled with increasing periods of wet and windy days prevent us from spending time in the garden or doing non-urgent property maintenance,  resulting in us not being aware of what is happening outside.

The trees are shedding leaves so fast they are blocking gutters and downpipes (as mentioned in Brigitta’s damp blog post). So when we have heavy rain, the water can’t escape quickly enough from the roof and overflows the gutters and pours down the face of the exterior walls. However, we don’t see this as we are all warm and dry inside, or asleep. Think about it… when was the last time you stood outside in the pouring rain to see if your gutters and downpipes are working correctly? In fact, have you ever done this at all?

Here are a few tips to avoid needing damp proofing on your property:

  • Check your gutters and downpipes are not blocked
  • Ensure drains are in good working order NB: Some drains look fine but are only truly tested when it rains, so pour a bucket of water quickly down the drain – if the water is slow to disperse you need the drain cleared out
  • Make sure soak aways are free from leaves
  • Repair any mastic seals around door and window frames that need it
  • Fill cracks in mortar joints or any other sites where rain can get in

Prevention is always better – and cheaper – than the cure, so please do these basic maintenance checks now before winter sets in.

Andy Peters is the Managing Director for Rentokil Property Care in the UK and has worked for Rentokil for 28 years. Andy often comments directly on other property care and damp related deBugged blog posts.

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