Keep The Mice Out Your House

Scamper MouseWith their cute twitchy noses, little furry faces and speedy little legs mice are creatures you either think are super cute or have you jumping on the nearest chair. I love mice… so long as they aren’t inside my house, and therewithin lies the problem.

I am the owner of a cat who enjoys nothing more than to terrorise the local rodent population. The mice, often alive, are proudly presented as gifts in the early hours. Bleary eyed, I’ve chased terrified mice around the front room, heaving furniture from the walls, poised with a tupperware container waiting for the mouse to dash out. Mice are tremendously difficult to catch but one tip is they tend to run along the skirting so you could set a trap baited with their favourite food such as chocolate or peanut butter.

The best means of avoiding a mice infestation is to discourage mice from entering your property. I’m not suggesting evicting the cat is the solution. Mice won’t hang around if there’s not an accessible food source, like pet food or cereal boxes, so make sure all food is cleared away properly. Mice may make 20 to 30 visits to different food sites each night taking as little as 0.15g at each site so store food in mice resistant containers such as sturdy tupperware or tins.

Take a look at the exterior of your house from the point of view from a mouse. Are there any small gaps or broken piping a rodent could squeeze into? Weighing between 0.5- 1 oz mice are skillful climbers and can scale rough vertical surfaces up to 2m, and walk along thin ropes and wires. They also have a 10-inch vertical jump. Experience for yourself how clever mice are by playing a game we have created and you might even win a prize too if you discover the hidden Mouse Trap game.

You can play the game on Facebook or on-line here. Good luck!

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