Keep Wasps Away From Your Party

Wasps love yellowIf you’re attending a street party tomorrow to celebrate the marriage of Kate and William and are wondering what to wear, make sure it’s not yellow. Wasps are attracted to bright colours, especially yellow. And take another look through your wardrobe if you were thinking of wearing a floral print; wasps will be drawn to it like a hungry bee seeking nectar.

Hold off spritzing yourself with copious amounts of strong fragrance as this will also attract wasps. Wasps also like to explore hairspray and hair-gel as potential food or nesting material which may explain why they sometimes persistently hover around your head.

If wasps decide to invade your personal space, the worst thing you can do is to employ “The Windmill”. This technique comprises of waving your arms hysterically, shaking your hair, shrieking at top of the voice and sometimes running. It’s hard to outrun a wasp. I have a friend who is terrified of wasps and swears by “The Windmill”.

“This technique has done me proud for three decades. I AM NOT SITTING SIT” she always shrieks at every al fresco function she attends. Whilst we all ignore her, it’s more than a little disruptive to other diners. There was once an embarrassing scene when “The Windmill” was employed in full force, mid row at London’s outdoor theatre, The Globe, accompanied by some fruity language and a scrabble over a dozen laps in order to outrun the wasp.

She says has never been stung but I say she’s just been lucky. If wasps feel threatened they get really angry. When wasps get really angry they go into attack mode. Which means stinging.

Wasps are sweet toothed scavengers. At your street party be careful to tidy away sweet drinks and food. If you’re drinking from a can use a straw. Nothing worse than looking like a pitbull that’s just swallowed a wasp. Don’t let the wasps join your party – give them their own picnic by filling a large bucket with sugar water a safe distance from you.

If you spot a wasp log it on our UKWaspWatch map and read our tips and advice on bites and stings.

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