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KISS postAs part of the HD (High dependency) team it means that our clients are usually high profile and a pest internally can result in a loss of lots of money to them.

HD have the task of keeping a eye on food processing and/or manufacturers and places where food is stored and sold this includes many food shop chains; individual stores earn the company peanuts but times that by hundreds and sometimes thousands of outlets of the same company then you’re into big bugs (sorry) big bucks (Kerrrrching££££) or should it be (Kerrrching$$$$$). When inspecting these places you find that the same problems may be relevant to not just one particular store but, as I am sure my colleagues will agree, to stores up and down the country.

Rentokil welcome matSimple things such as closing doors may act as a barrier to birds and rodents; but with doors wide open you might as well put a welcome mat and a neon sign saying ‘ENTER HERE’. Once they’re in it, is very difficult to find and control these animals.

Another thing that causes the humble pest controller a problem is the disposal and storage of damaged or out of date food. This material (as you can guess) is a magnet for pests. Numerous places store their waste externally. This causes problems as sometimes their bin facilities are inadequate and so leaking compacters and open skips provide pests with a smorgasbord of food. Let’s face it if you’re a pest what would you eat:

  • bait put down by a strange human (Disclaimer: I am not saying all of the technicians are strange, they are human though!) or
  • decaying sausages freshly dumped in a large skip near your nest (I know it’s not much of a choice but these pests can’t afford to be choosy).

The problem is that these pests then get a bit braver and look for more food and where do they go? Yes, that’s right – through the neon lit signs situated next to the open doors. This then becomes a vicious circle (and we’re not talking about a roundabout with a chainsaw).

All I can say is that if these places KISSed then it would make my job and my colleagues jobs a lot easier and it would also prevent their companies losing lots of money which makes them and us a little bit happier.

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