Ladybirds And Me – I Don't Hate Them

Ladybird, ladybug - its one and the sameSo far, my personal pest-related blog posts have been about how  certain pests can pop up in your day-to-day life the most random of places (bed bugs, millipedes, mice). Or in the case of wasps specifically, how much I hate them.

Well, when it comes to ladybirds (I call them ladybirds but they are also known as ladybugs), I don’t really hate them as such – but I have had a situation where they have been a bit annoying. It is the common ladybird I am talking about, the red one with black spots, not the evil cold blooded killer Harlequin ladybird invading our shores at the moment.

As a young child I lived in Hertfordshire, in a little semi-detached at the very end of a quiet cul-de-sac in the sleepy village of Pirton. One day, I was clearly bored and decided it might be fun to catch a ladybird or two (forget how many it was) and keep them as pets in a jam jar on my windowsill. Are you getting an inkling as to how the story will end? Bet you can’t! The straw hat - a useful receptacle for removing ladybirdsWell, its with me hanging out the window throwing ladybirds out by the dozen using the only thing I had to hand which was a Cindy doll sized summer straw hat.

I must have left the lid off one night because one day shortly after I noticed a bulge which appeared to be moving in the wallpaper near the ceiling. Pulling it back, out plopped loads and loads and loads and loads….. of ladybirds. Boy do they multiply fast. I literally had them throwing themselves at the windows to get out. I was more than happy to oblige.

Lesson learned: although I ended up studying Chemistry at University, doing home-made nature experiments as a child can result in your parents giving you unplanned biology lessons on ladybird reproduction.

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