Larvae on the Ceiling on a Residential Pest Control Visit

Today I had a call to a private house. It came through as a text from the official residential line. The guy said he had loads of moths in his flat but he was actually just renting and didn’t know what to do.

pest_larvaeI thought it would be Common Clothes Moths but when I got there I could see it wasn’t so I thought I should look around properly.  If you can imagine a door frame with coving which has ruts in it, well those ruts were full of larvae. When I looked around the place I found them in cupboards and amongst clothes. I told the guy to wash all his clothes at 60 degrees or more or dry clean depending on the label which would destroy the moths and larvae.

I’d already noticed that the bedroom ceiling was covered with larvae but we can’t spray them in that sort of situation in case the chemicals fall onto the bed and stuff. I ended up picking each one off by hand and bagging them up to take away. 

[I later learned they were Indian Meal Moths.]

(Read: I work for Rentokil)

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