Learning The Hard Way!

Gosh! I really do not think that any of us realised the amount of attention that would be given to what was, we believed, quite a light hearted blog about people’s reactions to being followed on Twitter by Rentokil.  What is staggering is that we have had more than three times the number of people read this post today than the 600+ we follow; the power of Twitter!

We looked for interesting people to follow – and not just from the world of Pest Control – but based on a variety of factors; their biographical information, location and tweet content, which are all publicly available. This search process is a manual search process and every person is looked over for appropriate content. A simple program was then used to enable a follow of the people manually selected. This has now been stopped.

In retrospect, it feels as though we may have been a bit clumsy.  Twitter really is a new way for us of communicating with people and we are bound to make mistakes along the way. While some of the feedback has been painful, it also feels valid and we have learnt from it.  We will stop following anyone who wishes us to.  Just let us know.

Once more, we want to apologise to anyone who feels it has affected them. We have learned the hard way and will be working hard to get it right.

  1. Joeks
  2. Richard
  3. joe
  4. joe
  5. KimV
  6. Simon
  7. Jaffs
  8. Ling Valentine
  9. Ruth Shearn
  10. Chris Dymond
  11. k price
  12. leon wardial
  13. No it's not.
  14. Graeme
  15. bruce
  16. Hahaha
  17. Alex W.
  18. Nick Narford
  19. The Filthy Assistant
  20. Ben
  21. Waltz
  22. simon
  23. Aaron Dale
  24. rob
  25. MarcoJ
  26. David Hugh-Jones
  27. Jim Thomas
  28. Ben Hutchings
  29. Tangofish
  30. Davrod
  31. Dan
  32. Adiebee
  33. tweeter freak

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