Maybe Cockroaches Love Caffeine

So what’s new? Nothing out of the ordinary really. Just been running around doing routine visits.

42_german_cockroach_thumbI recently dealt with cockroaches in a coffee machine, literally INSIDE the coffee machine. Basically someone found a cockroach in their office so I put down some detectors and only found a couple so it didn’t seem too serious. But the next time I went back, a detector in their lunch/private bar area was full – we are talking an infestation, so needed to do some serious cockroach control.

Must be nice having your own private bar at work…

So began the “dismantling everything” part to find out where the cockroaches had got into. Inside the coffee machine, behind the coffee machine, under the coffee machine – everywhere. They had this sort of tinted glass behind the bar, they were behind there. The glasses on the shelves looked cool but they were all dusty and had cockroach poo in and around them.

The maintenance guy there that I know was pretty good, he realised it had to be taken apart to make sure I could check it properly to prevent any future pest problems coming back. He had to disinfect the beer pumps, glasses, coffee machine, everything. It actually made my job easier because I knew that I wouldn’t miss anything since all the fixtures and fittings were all being taken apart. Not all customers are as helpful, and they wonder why problems come back.

The staff bar got temporarily closed and I went back for a follow up visit a few weeks later. Had to work at the weekend though because they didn’t want me there during the week. That happens quite a bit, but we try to help out customers that want a weekend service.

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