Mice in the News and in the Newsroom

Mice and rats are in the news lots at the moment, read this post and this story for example.

But recently I visited an actual newsroom where they have had a mouse problem. Several newsreaders from the TV were there. I asked one what she would do if she saw a mouse when she was on TV. She didn’t know. She said she really wasn’t sure if she could keep it professional or if her eyes would wander.

46_house_mouseAs it happened, I saw one when I was there and caught it in my hands. They all wanted to see it and know what I was going to do next. I asked them what they would do if it was them. They said they would release it in a field. I said “where, what field?”. We were in my patch in the middle of London and I explained that it would most probably die in the field anyway because it was house mouse.

People don’t think about it like that though. I don’t think they realise that most Technicians are actually very interested in the animals and insects they deal with.

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