Millipedes, Mice And Me Sharing A Room On Holiday

millipedeDoing my monthly stats on the blog, visitors, comments, referrals, etc. (blog post to follow on the first six months stats – when it is eventually written), I noticed that the term millipede had recently been used as a search term on the blog. Oh yes, I pay attention to the little things like that – I have some beauties you may be interested in reading about, bear with me.

Now, I haven’t done a “Pests And Me” post for a while and so Mr. Millipede has reminded me about a several nocturnal pest experiences I had one Summer whilst on holiday. Now, friends and family will know just how much I adore Lindos (a resort on the Greek island of Rhodes) but boy did it have some nightlife. Let me tell you about these two particular occurrences…

LBN_1Scenario One

Coming back from our favourite bar (none other than Lindos By Night) we heard some funny scratching type noises when we got back to the accomodation. Switching the lights off and waiting, we eventually saw a mouse creep out from under the fridge and then duck back under when it realised we were waiting. Now, we managed to cordon off the floor space with a towel which cunningly led to the rooms only exit and the plan was for me to catch it with a bucket if it didnt head outdoors. Cue broom handle being shoved behind the fridge to scare “Jerry” out, me screaming and jumping on the bed, bucket being launched randomly and mouse legging it out of the door.

Lesson learned: doors without a satisfactory bristle strip are bound to let in unwelcome visitors

What I wish I knew: about the nature of mice with their leaky bladders and the state of all surfaces they would have crawled over, i.e. did I use enough dettol after the mouse had gone?

hide and seekScenario Two

Its the middle of the night and something gently brushes across my neck. Two options, either its my own hair or my husband moving in his sleep, except it doesn’t feel like either – and its moving. Cue another scream, lights on and me jumping off the bed on this particular occasion. Trying to describe what it was to my sleepy other half proved difficult, but he dutifully stripped the bed, lifted mattresses and checked under the fridge in case mouse-y had come back. Nothing. It was presumed I had imagined it and we settled back to sleep. Don’t know how much later but same thing happened again. Can’t remember if it was on my arm or leg, except this time when the lights went on – I managed to catch sight of the millipede curling its way across my sheets.

Lesson learned: if you think something is crawling over you at night-time – it probably is!

What I wish I had known: millipedes are harmless but clearly very good at playing hide-and-seek in bed frames.

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