Help! There’s a mouse in my house… AGAIN

Keep the mouse out of your houseWith the cold weather setting in, I for one know exactly what that means, especially living in Central London.

I fret about people keeping the house clean, doing their dishes, putting away food, keeping the doors closed and taking the rubbish out. The flatmates have been briefed on the ‘warning signs’. Yet despite all efforts the inevitable has happened, and I have to admit I knew it eventually would, a mouse has found its way in.

We were all gathered in the lounge, when from the top of the stairs I heard the words I had been dreading… We have a mouse! Apparently it was spotted in the middle of the kitchen and then darted away under the fridge within a second of being spotted.

Once I was certain the mouse was nowhere to be seen, I headed downstairs to give directions. We need traps and we need peanut butter! The traps were swiftly set up and we eagerly awaited the capture. We still haven’t caught the mouse, and I am avoiding the kitchen at all costs. While it is probably great for the diet, it is not so great for my peace of mind. We have had bait sitting under the stove since last winter to catch the mice who invaded our home last year. Perhaps the mouse spotted the bait early on in its journey and has disappeared off somewhere to perish. However the sceptics view is that we have a hole and they are entering and disappearing as they please, not just one of them, an entire family!

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. Perhaps it is as simple as a lone mouse, creeping in an open door, eating the bait and dying. I can only hope this isn’t the start of something else – I don’t want to have a rat in Downing Street incident!

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