Mouse Infested Nursing Home Is Shocking To Me

When I first read this story on the BBC and Australian news site I couldn’t actually believe my eyes. An old man bitten by mice because the infestation was so bad in the nursing home he was at. Hello?

46_house_mouseAn elderly relative of mine is in a nursing home and I have to be honest, even if I didn’t work for Rentokil I think I would have noticed “mouse activity”. I mean, mouse droppings are hardly invisible and scurrying little furry creatures surely can’t be missed?? Regardless of whether its a private nursing home or a state one – surely someone should have noticed the comings and goings of the mice?

Now it appears that despite 500 sightings of mice in the week leading up to the event, the official report on the matter has concluded that:

nursing home staff and managment failed to protect residents from the rodents, which had infested the facility since it opened its doors in 2006, and cleaning, including the removal of mouse faeces, was not being done often enough. Read more from the brisbanetimes website.

A professional pest control company could have resolved this kind of problem very quickly by investigating the source of the problem as well as trying to use baits. They have experience of working in the healthcare environment and understand what can and can’t be done.


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