Mouse or no Mouse? That is the question!

I wish our kitchen was this big!!!On Saturday afternoon my flat mate advised us that he has seen a mouse! Aaaaagggghhhh! Apparently it ran through the kitchen and hid behind the fridge. It appears mice are quite smart about where they hide.

I was not happy… they knew I would not be happy! I had expressed my fear of rats and mice to the flat many times and assured them all that if I ever saw one they would all know about it, and unfortunatley, not in a calm, informative manner.

House mouseHe assured me it was only small, but I put on my pest control hat and advised my flatmates that even just one mouse could mean there was a whole family and that we must call the property manager straight away! We needed some proper residential pest control – and fast!

They all laughed at my over reaction, one even mentioned how cute mice were. Was she joking? The only positive I could take from this all was that we probably don’t have rats (for me – the only thing worse than mice), as mice will not normally live where rats do – thank goodness.

Peanut butter tastes nice to miceAnyway, we eventually decided we would attempt to catch this mouse , via a trap with peanut butter, and if we saw another then we would seek a professional solution as I had suggested. The trap remains untouched and it has now been 5 days…  The fact that the trap is still untouched is promising, but perhaps this particular mouse doesn’t like peanut butter?

I am beginning to wonder if this is some kind of horrible practical joke. I wouldn’t be surprised you know. These particular flat mates have joked about putting a fake mouse in the bathroom just to get a reaction from me! On the other hand I do live in London in a flat with seven people, and the kitchen does lead directly out to our back yard. Hmmm who knows… I will keep you posted.

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