My Patch as a Rentokil Technician

Yesterday I went back to a Bank that has had rat problems recently. Its become quite serious because the problem affects the reception area and even their Heath and Safety people have been involved.

It was a nice thing for the trainee to do though. There were some awkward spaces and the rats were kind of in an air vent thing which was difficult to get to. He is doing OK, he is reading the training material and learning quickly but it’s important to bring common sense into it and put it into practical terms. Technicians eventually take stage 1 BPCA accredited training and HD Technicians take stage 2. To be honest I think this is a bit unfair. It would be better if the stage 2 was optional to everyone. HD Techs look after High Dependency customers.

There have been a lot of visits to get through because we are coming to the end of the quarter and to get best state of service all clients must have had most of their premises done. I plan what I have to do using a PDA and paper copies in case the PDA doesn’t work. There are also client’s reports so there is some paperwork to do. If you keep everything up to date and running it’s a lot easier. There could be a lot of paperwork to do if you didn’t. I think I have about 1700 routines for my patch over the year!

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