Pantomime and Pest Control

Pantomime HorseIt’s Christmas which means it’s pantomime season. You know your brand is truly a household name when it is mentioned as part of the spectacle and the crowd roars at the reference. I’ve attended a number of performances over the years in which the protagonist recommends the services of Rentokil in order to deflect the villain.

A similar identification with the brand can be found on Twitter. I would estimate we receive over 100 mentions a year enquiring, tongue-in-cheek, if Rentokil can offer their services for a meddling mother-in-law, an irritating ex-boyfriend or more commonly, premiership football players. There certainly circumstances on the pitch when ego’s are inflated and performance is lack lustre that pest control could only serve as an improvement. Unfortunately, Rentokil services are largely limited to the control of insects, birds and rodents when they are recognised as a nuisance or a health threat. Pests can be termed as such when they are in the wrong place.

I recently blogged about Why Cockroaches Have Their Place, outlining the good that cockroaches do. Out of the 4,300 identified species, less than 30 are considered a pest. A couple of pigeons in your garden isn’t likely to cause a nuisance other than to the smaller birds being bullied by them (pigeons are very territorial) but a concentration of pigeons in one area can cause a health risk and the prolific number of droppings they create can be a slip hazard – a situation which needs to be managed in order to safeguard the welfare of your customers or employees.

Education and managing a situation before it becomes pest problem is the best form of pest control. Simple tips like not leaving out food to feed pests will curb their ability to breed and in the long run prevent them from becoming a nuisance. Installing bird spikes will deter pigeons from roosting on what could become a favoured spot. As I mentioned before pigeons are territorial and once they begin to roost they will be there for life.

It’s amusing to think that 85 years after Rentokil was first established the brand name has become part of the public lexicon; a reference towards making pests vanish or remedying a substandard situation. This is a long way from the invention of a woodworm treatment but just like in football (which sometimes can be mistaken for a pantomime) there are some horrible things which crawl out of the woodwork. And if that happens we’ll be happy to help.

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