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deBugged moves to a new homeSo deBugged has moved to its new home. Having survived a 4 month trial being hosted on the UK site, it now moves to the global landing page at and soon there will be content from Australia, India, Ireland, South Africa and USA.

As regular readers will already know, deBugged is for all things creepy, crawly and scratchy – the pesky unwanted critters that can (and at some point will) invade your world.

This blog takes you on trips with technicians and field “No I don’t stand in a field” biologists to their routine and bizarre pest control jobs, as well as office based bloggers like me sharing their real-life pest and sometimes non-pest or charity experiences with you.

Do you know how to avoid taking bedbugs home with you after a business/pleasure trip? And what about that well known joke about finding flies in your soup at a restaurant? Or movies Rentokil could ruin with one fell swoop of their scary looking pest control equipment?

Read on and be amused, horrified, scared or just bewildered by a fresh take on bugs. The niche of pest control impacts your day-to-day life more than you would ever realize, or so say my nearest and dearest when I tell them what I am currently blogging about.

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