Pest Control For Soil Association Approved Hotel

hotel receptionI recently did a really long shift at a hotel, nearly fell asleep on the train on the way home actually. It was an interesting but tiring job. Because the hotel is a member of the soil association, it has to have evidence of how all pest control work is carried out. We have to conform to their guidelines or else they lose their status. So for example, all the food they supply is organic and traceable, they literally have to be able to prove where all of the stuff comes from!

We get quite a few customers who are soil association approved, but we are able to accomodate all types of auditing processes for a commercial business be it the SA, AIB, BRC or Marks & Spencers. It just makes our job a little bit harder. So it had to be a night treatment, me and a field biologist did it. We had to totally shut down the canteen area, seal it up, and then mist it for a cockroach treatment. Really, the SA limits which chemicals we are allowed to use so that there is no way they can get back in the foodline. Thing is, when cleaning or food preparation isn’t done properly you run huge risks to a business. You could totally damage a business reputation, take what happened to the Fat Duck for example. Turned out it wasn’t the restaurants fault, but you know what I mean.

iStock_000002531496XSmall_foreign embassiesI have also had a bit of a patch change so now have new clients which include some foreign embassies. I am quite intrigued really, want to know if any of their attitudes to pests will be different – will let you know.

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