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CentipedeThe banning of the Human Centipede II by the BBFC has created a media storm and become a twitter sensation. The Human Centipede II may have pushed the boundaries of decency too far to be classified but the demand for pest related films is huge, and has long proved popular with public imagination.

Back in 1958 The Fly was considered gruesome, with audiences barely able to watch the screen. The film is about a mad scientist who encounters an accident when a fly contaminates the disintegrator-integrator. The result is a mad scientist with the head and arm of a fly, and a fly with a miniature human head and arm. The film was remade in 1986 and more successfully in 2006.

Hitchcock’s The Birds (1963) taps into the psychological fear of an infestation, something which presents a very real issue for many of our customers.

It seems we can’t get enough of scary and sometimes silly pest movies. There are lots of moderately successful films, featuring unlikely spider infestations. In Eight Legged Freaks tiny spiders feast on chemical spillage and grow to the size of cars overnight causing terror and havoc upon the local population. The Rats Night of Terror (1984) is a post apocalyptic nightmare, with rats dropping unconvincingly onto humans and devouring them.

In a more realistic manner, Loom (2010) by filmmakers Polynoid, is a breathtaking and gripping short animation of a moth struggling to escape from a spiders web. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens, but be warned… not all films have a happy ending.

After so much coverage I suspect DVD sales for Human Centipede have probably flourished, but it’s a little too gruesome for my taste.

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