Pest Proof Your Home Pre-Holiday

Pest proof your homeYou’re off on your holiday; to do list ticked, bags packed, email confirmations printed, tickets in hand, out the door, with no plans to return for two weeks. Absolute bliss! Have you forgotten anything? You don’t think so! But the question is have you pest proofed your home? Most people would probably answer no.

According to the AA’s Home Emergency Response Service, eight million Brits have returned from holiday to find some kind of domestic disaster. Of these eight million people, 20% have returned to find a pest infestation. Other common problems include 25% of people coming home to a water leak, 11 % discovering their power is out, 10% locked out of their home and 7% finding their home has been burgled.

These stats suggests that at some stage or another 1.6 million Brits have come home from a relaxing break, only to be brought rudely back to reality by a pest infestation. Whether you find yourself with rodents or insects, it can be a very distressing situation to come home to.

I live in a house with six other people, so feel pretty confident that my home will be looked after when we head off on our cruise next week, however not everyone is so lucky.

Five top tips on keeping a pest free home while on holiday

  • House mouseMake sure all food is put away, and food that is likely to expire is disposed of.
  • Ensure your bins are cleared.
  • Leave your house spic and span, this includes thoroughly cleaning all surfaces such as bench tops and tables.
  • Close all windows to avoid flying insects getting access.
  • Block off any holes or pipes that could act as potential access points.

While I can’t promise this will result in you returning to a pest free home, it should go some way in limiting their access and the appeal of your home. I for one know that returning home after a relaxing holiday is distressing enough, let alone coming home and find ants through your food, or even worse mouse droppings. My advice to all… add ‘pest proof home’, to that pre holiday to do list.

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