Pestival Tonight In London Anyone?

festival or pestival anyone?So I had been planning on writing a blog post this Summer about how best to avoid pests while camping and listening to your favourite bands.

You know, general advice like:

  • keep any picnic food well wrapped (that’s for the organised people and not those that just survive on fast food)
  • try not to spill beer in or around your tent if you want to avoid ants (OK, so not all people drink beer, this also applies to squash and fruit juice)
  • wear insect repellant – nuff said
  • mind out for the legions of wasps out there (although we did manage a few wasp posts already).

I also thought coining the phrase “pestival” would be a good idea, but darn it someone beat me to it…

So if you’re free this weekend and near the South Bank Centre, why dont you go along to the Pestival event. There is a series of events celebrating pests, well insects specifically and the blurb goes:

Pestival is a rare creature: an international, inter-disciplinary, community-led festival. Events include insect-inspired comedy, music, ID walks, talks, workshops, experiments, fashion and a termite inspired architectural structure…

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