Practical vs. Non Practical ways to get rid of flies

House flyIt seems that when it comes to fly control the options available to a homeowner are endless…..exhaustive… infinite. So, it may be worthwhile to evaluate all the different solutions out there to save time and effort.

After all, who really has the time or inclination after a hard day’s work, let alone on the weekend, to try out multiple methods of fly removal. We all just want to know the most effective and reliable ways to get rid of flies, right?! On top of what we all already know about covering food and clearing up crumbs or liquid spillages, there are other solutions too. So, here goes…

Non-practical = Chopsticks a la Mr Miyagi style

Unless you possess the reflexes of a ninja or have all the time in the world, this is really not going to cut it! On the other hand, it may provide a sense of genuine achievement.

Practical = DIY Fly Papers

Low cost, and easy-to-use these insecticide free papers can effectively catch flies, which may be irritating you indoors. You could also consider trying other DIY fly products like sprays.

Non-practical = Plastic Fly Swatters

Requires the patience of a saint, lightning speed reflexes and is very time consuming. However if you do achieve success with this method, be sure to throw out any dead flies as they may provide a tasty snack for other pests, such as the carpet beetle.

Practical = Fly Screens

These are especially useful when fitted to windows around your kitchen or waste areas, to prevent flies getting indoors in the first place.

Non-practical = Venus fly trap

As a non-native UK plant, you may find it more difficult to keep a Venus fly trap alive in your garden, let alone encourage it to eat up all those buzzing flies. Apparently they can be grown in greenhouses but this method is already sounding like too much effort.

Practical = Herbs

Planting lavender or mint may supposedly help to deter flies and of course the added advantage is the easy access to fresh herbs for cooking. Note: there is no scientific evidence for this but it is ultimately more practical than the Venus fly trap. And, with an every increasing demand for effective natural control solutions, it is worth a go.

Non-practical = Rub garlic onto skin

If you seem to be attracting flies whilst outdoors, this method may repel them, however it may also discourage anyone else from approaching.

Practical = Introduce goldfish into your garden pond

If you have a pond, adding some goldfish will help to control the number of flies on your property by eating up fly larvae. Flies need moisture to multiply and a female can lay up to 600 eggs in her short lifetime. Other garden chores should include:

  • fitting secure lids to your water butts;
  • discarding standing water;
  • keeping bird feeders clean by removing food before dusk;
  • locating your compost bins far away from your house – meat , raw or cooked, should not be thrown into the bin.

Fingers crossed we can all keep our homes free from flies this season! Good luck!

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