President Obama Swats A Fly And Now Flies Are News!

What did I miss? I went away on holiday and whilst I was gone President Obama swiped a fly, swiped it again and then squatted it. All of a sudden flies are big news and millions (and I mean millions!) of people are watching the Ninja remix footage of the execution (the words of PETA, not mine) on YouTube. 

And I absolutely love the BBC’s top ten tips to squatting a fly. Having watched the Karate Kid this weekend on TV, I immediately thought of chopsticks and sure enough, that method came in at number 6. I am a bit disappointed that Luminos didn’t appear on their list anywhere. Had it been installed in the newsroom – the fly wouldn’t have got through the door, never mind pestered the USA President during his interview.

Perhaps our US colleagues could flog a Luminos to the White House for their travels??

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