Did The Previous Owner Leave Their Pets Fleas Behind

Flea bites are itchy. Never had them, never want them. But I recently heard from one of our technicians about yet another way the darned things multiply. Nope, it wasn’t Ben or Colin, but one of the guys who had come into the office for a training session…

iStock_000004270502XSmall_catsanddogsDid you know: that if the previous owner of your house had pet cats or dogs (with fleas), even after they have moved out they can leave fleas in the carpets?

Now, adult fleas can survive for about a month without their host, but an even worse thought is that pupae could survive about a year.

These timescales are long enough for you to move in to your new home all excited, unpack all your boxes and then start getting bitten. Yet another reason why properly cleaning a new home when you move in is so important.

So rather than scratching your ankles raw (a common place to get bitten) invest in some DIY pest control products against fleas, e.g. Insectrol killer spray.

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