Protecting a 19th Century church hall against penetrating damp

st peters church hallSt Peter’s church hall is set in the grounds of historic Leeds Minster, a Grade I listed building. The hall had remained unused for many years, becoming derelict with time. During this period a penetrating damp problem developed within the building.

The church hall is now to be given a new lease of life, as residential flats and commercial offices by Yelcon Homes. However before the refurbishment of the church hall could begin, the building required extensive renovation, to turn the internal areas into a warm, dry and usable space.

Rentokil’s solution to the penetrating damp problem was to use a structural waterproofing system. This technique makes use of a cavity drain membrane to protect the internal areas of the property against the ingress of penetrating damp.

st peters church hall penetrating dampCavity drain systems use a studded membrane layer to line the walls and floor, providing a dry internal surface. This then allows the walls to be dry lined or plastered, and the floors screeded or overlaid with wooden flooring. Sealed systems can be used in conjunction with drainage (or sump and pump) where there is an issue with free flowing water or potential flooding.

Once the work is completed, the membrane acts as a water management system. There is no longer any risk of penetrating damp entering the internal spaces of the building, which could cause considerable damage to internal decorations. The church hall is now a warm and dry space (ready for development into living and working accommodation).

Rentokil’s work carries a 10 year guarantee and complies with BS8102, which is the code of practice relating to waterproofing underground structures.

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