Protecting Your Family From Ticks [Infographic]

Ticks are small, blood-sucking mites. They usually live and feed on the blood of larger animals, like deer, but they may also attach themselves to humans and are able to detect people up to 18 feet away. With tick born bacterial infections occurring worldwide, it’s important to learn how to safeguard yourself and your family against them. They may be minuscule, but they can carry a number of serious diseases such as Lyme disease and Ehrlichiosis.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that may affect the skin, nervous system, heart and joints of the infected individual. Common symptoms of Lyme disease are fever, skin rashes, headache and fatigue. Other more serious symptoms can occur if the disease is left untreated. The most common symptoms for Ehrlichiosis are headache, muscle aches, and fatigue. It is also possible that a  rash may appear, but this is generally uncommon. Ehrlichiosis can also blunt the immune system, which could lead to opportunistic infections such as candidiasis.

Be sure to carefully check your family members and pets whenever they’ve been outdoors in wooded areas as ticks can transmit diseases within 24 hours of feeding on their host. Should you do find a tick attached to a person or a pet, remove it right away with the use of needle nose tweezers.

The infographic below courtesy of provides great insight into prevention, diseases and how ticks FIND YOU. Enjoy!

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