Quite The Hat To Create A Summer Buzz!

buzz-by hat henley1Now here is something that was definitely created to cause a buzz (please excuse the pun). It’s certainly not a discreet or understated hat by any means. Walking around with a wasps nest and a handful of rather angry looking wasps on your head does take some courage.

Personally I wouldn’t have the nerve or bravado to carry this off and my kids would probably disown me through embarrassment (I can hear their groans already!).

The buzz-by hat’s aim is not only to turn heads and get noticed (which it certainly does) but also to spread awareness of UKWaspWatch, the Twitter based campaign to track sightings of wasp’s nests and wasp problem areas.  So if you’re not such which pest is buzzing around and your beer has been dive bombed or your ice cream has been attacked, add it to the UKWaspWatch map!

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