Rabbit Fever

The Year of the Rabbit is now here and will be with us until the Year of the Dragon takes over on 23 January 2012.

David Kuo, director at financial website The Motley Fool, told The Telegraph: “I think the year of the rabbit will be in complete contrast to the year of the tiger, in the sense that many of the things that we will see appear to be very tranquil, but in fact a lot of things will be happening.”

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The Rat Was The Cleverest
The most well-known of the Chinese zodiac legends states that Buddha invited the animals to participate in a race. The first 12 animals to cross the river would appear on the Chinese Zodiac calendar in the order in which they completed the race.

The first animal to make it across the finish line was the rat. Chinese Zodiac legends and mythology explains that the rat used his brain rather than his brawn. It hitched a ride on the ox, which it thought would be the mightiest swimmer. Just before the ox reached the shore, the rat jumped off and crossed the finish line before the ox, putting the rat in first place.

The tiger, also being strong, came in third, followed by the rabbit that jumped his way across and was helped during the last stretch by the dragon. A snake hid in the hoof of the horse which is how it managed to make it across the river. At the last minute the snake jumped out and scared the horse into seventh place.

The sheep, monkey and rooster helped one another across and earned their spots on the calendar as well. The dog made it too, but decided a bath was more important than the position which is why it came in eleventh. Finally, after a nap and a feast the pig made it across.

10 Interesting Rabbit Facts

  • The world record for a rabbit long jump is nine feet
  • Rabbits have a tiny “peg” tooth behind each incisor
  • The largest recorded litter of baby rabbits is 24
  • A rabbit can see behind himself, without turning his head, but has a blind spot in front of his face
  • A rabbit sweats through the pads on its feet
  • Domestic rabbits cannot breed with wild rabbits
  • Rabbits cannot vomit
  • Rabbits eat their own night droppings, known as cecotropes, which also makes excellent garden fertilizer
  • The teeth of a rabbit never stop growing
  • In 1907 a 1,833 kilometre anti-rabbit fence was built by the Western Australian government but by the time it was finished the rabbits had already crossed into the area that the fence was trying to keep them out

Rabbits are creative, compassionate and sensitive and prefer to avoid conflict. Which chinese zodiac sign are you?

Gung hei fat choi! Happy New Year!

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