Radar? Check!

It’s been the usual routine in the last couple of days but I have one customer who refuses to check his Radar units – he only has to check if the light is on which means it had been activated. I’ve explained that they need to be checked for damage and to see if they have captured a mouse.

RADAR_unitIt’s the head office of a restaurant business so these people do work in the sort of environment where pest control for hospitality is really important. The girl on Reception is normally very good at checking the Radar units but she has been away. This problem happens quite a lot though. I know one Technician whose customer pulled out about 10 Radar units which had sitting there with mice in them for a couple of weeks. We try to explain that Radar should be checked regularly but eventually we have to remove the units if the problem continues.

Customers like Radar because is avoids the usual bait box system which still leaves the possibility of seeing mice. Radar is particularly useful in server or comms rooms where a mouse chewing through wires could potentially cause millions of pounds worth of damage.

I also went back to a customer today who recently had a rat problem. I had removed a huge rat from the premises that was about 12 inches long, I couldn’t believe how massive it was. There was nothing there when I went today but watch this space. If the customer doesn’t do anything about those drains they will be back. Well, you never know what’s going to happen with this job.

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