The Rat in Downing Street

He has been spotted again… the Downing Street rodent is back. Two appearances in the last week… do we have a fame seeking rodent perhaps? Or do the team at Downing Street have a real problem on their hands.

While it is totally understandable that in a Central London location rodents are hard to avoid, I would have assumed after the first publicity stunt, serious action would have been taken. Instead it appears this issue has been left to a local policeman to resolve, who was spotted chasing this fame hungry rodent away from camera shot.

This highlights an issue that is present not just in London but UK wide. The fact that no one is exempt from unwelcome guests, not even the Prime Minister.

There are a variety of steps that can be taken to avoid rodents entering the Downing Street property, or any property infact, our top tips include:

  • Ensuring food and drink are put away and sealed
  • Ensuring garbage bins are regularly emptied, cleaned and kept sealed
  • Sealing off any small holes and openings around the premises to stop rodents from entering
  • Checking gutters and drainpipes are in good condition
  • Ensuring food doesn’t remain in pet feeding dishes overnight

How do you think David Cameron would feel about me sending these tips through to him? Perhaps it wouldn’t go down too well. All I can say is that I hope he has called in the professionals to help him out with his eerm… hairy problem. I wonder how long it is going to take for this rodent to hit the spotlight again… perhaps we should keep an eye out for him and his mates cruising the streets this weekend.

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